Finance Minister Xiao Jie attended the first round of U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue


Note: English version for reference only,Chinese version shall prevail.

On July 19, the first round of U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue was held in Washington, DC. Chinese vice Premier Wang Yang and US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Ross co-chaired the Dialogue. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on bilateral trade and investment, 100-day Plan for Economic Cooperation and Yearly Plan, global economy and governance, macroeconomic policy, financial, agriculture and other issues, and reached a broad consensus. Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie accompanied Vice Premier Wang Yang to attend the dialogue and spoke on the outcome of the U.S.-China 100-day Plan for Economic Cooperation, strengthening global economic governance and cooperation, China's active fiscal policy practice and effectiveness. Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao also attended the meeting.



FROM: People's Daily