Visit from a Public Sector Delegation of Zhejiang Province of China to the Global Infrastructure Hub



On 16 July 2018, a delegation of 24 staff, including directors, professors and lecturers of the Zhejiang Institute of Administration, the Zhejiang Red Boat Academy, and administration institutes at municipal level in Zhejiang Province, China, were received by the Global Infrastructure Hub in Sydney to discuss the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on global infrastructure development.


We presented on our objectives, missions, tools and products, focussing on enhancing the management of cross-border infrastructure projects.  During these discussions, we highlighted the findings from our Global Infrastructure Outlook on the investment needs and gaps faced by countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, and the analysis available in InfraCompass on the key areas of infrastructure governance and capabilities within those countries.


Additionally, we presented the Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline and explained how this could be utilised by the public sectors with projects to attract private investors. We also presented on the benefits and challenges of financing cross-border infrastructure projects, and the tools developed on leading practices in PPP risk allocation and contract management.  Questions and comments on how to strengthen the capacity of infrastructure management, particularly for public sectors of Zhejiang Province, were discussed.


The institutes and academies that met with the Global Infrastructure Hub are training and research organisations that provide training to mid and senior level government officials in Zhejiang Province. The visit took place as part of a professional development program organised by RMIT University based in Melbourne, Australia.