Second Meeting of the PPP and Infrastructure Financing Network of Asia and the Pacific held in Manila, Philippine


From August 7 to 9, Second Meeting of Public Private Partnership and Infrastructure Financing Network of Asia and the Pacific (hereinafter referred to as the “PPP network”) was co-held in Manila, Philippine by ESCAP and China PPP Center. This event attracted heads of PPP units in 22 Asia-Pacific countries and gathered more than 100 representatives from international organizations, institutions and forums, including the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa, the Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, ESCAP Sustainable Business Network, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, Astana International Financial Center, etc.


Mr. Hongjoo Hahm, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNESCAP


Ms. Yang Jianmin, Deputy Director General, China PPP Center


Mr. Hongjoo Hahm, Deputy Executive Secretary of UNESCAP and Ms. Yang Jianmin, Deputy Director General of China PPP Center attended the event and delivered keynote speeches. Mr. Hongjoo Hahm spoke highly of this PPP network that it embraced more participants from different fields and ESCAP would make effort as usual to advance the regional infrastructure by supporting the construction of Asia-Pacific PPP information platform and project database  and promoting project development and financing access. Ms. Yang Jianmin’s speech echoed the idea of Mr. Hongjoo Hahm’s. She said that Asia-Pacific PPP information platform and project database served as a key platform to release information, share knowledge and promote transaction and based on China years’ PPP practice, these two did play a vital role as a key player. Ferdinand Pecson welcomed all participants and expressed that Philippine was open to share its own infrastructure and PPP experience and expected the voices in this regard from the world.


During the two days event, representatives had a profound and in-depth discussion over PPP policy mechanism, Asia-Pacific PPP information platform and project database, demonstrating project, lessons and challenges concerning the involvement of private sector, leading to many great consensuses in the field. Among them, representatives from China Overseas Infrastructure Development and Investment Corporation and Shanghai Jubao Consulting Corporation had contributed an insightful speech.


This event witnessed the growing influence and presence of the PPP network in the world. It, for the first time, attracted the representatives from U.N. Economic Commission for Africa and an African country Namibia. The number of representatives from international institution, organization and forum, and the participants from private sector were growing. Besides, Philippine PPP Center signed cooperation MOU with Kazakhstan PPP Center, marking a step forward of the bilateral pragmatic cooperation driven by the PPP network as a multilateral cooperation platform. 


Source: China Public Private Partnerships Center