PPP Project for Comprehensive Utilization of Kitchen Waste in Jinchang City-centralized Collection and Transportation, Smart Processing, Sanitation and Environmental Protection


PPP project for comprehensive utilization of kitchen waste in urban area was started on June 28, 2020, in Small and Medium Enterprise Carrying Park of Jinchuan District, and it was officially put into operation on January 5 this year.


On May 17, the reporter came to the project site, waste treatment plant of Jinchangjiemu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. A brand-new blue factory building is the kitchen waste intelligent treatment station, and the big characters "Waste Sorting, Beautiful Jinchang" are prominently marked on the plant. The comprehensive utilization of food and kitchen waste is a key project identified by the municipal government. The reporter followed the garbage collector and carried out a visit in terms of the running of this project for more than four months.


The special garbage collection truck of Jinchangjiemu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. came to a beef noodle restaurant on Changchun Road in the urban area at 9 o'clock in the morning. The workers in the back of kitchen have sorted the food waste generated the day before into a special green bucket, waiting for the special car to collect and transport the waste.


The collector Bai Xiaodong skillfully dumped the garbage into the car. After that, staff from the noodle restaurant wrote down the date, the number of garbage and signed it on the garbage collection and transportation record book. "The restaurant has signed a garbage collection and transportation agreement with our company. This book is to register daily collection and transportation records. Only with the agreement and the record can the restaurant apply for the hygiene permit for the coming year." Bai Xiaodong said.


"In the past, we used to put these food wastes into large black plastic bags and threw them into the household garbage. Some swill was poured directly into the sewer, often causing the sewer to be blocked. Some swill was pulled by illegal vendors to feed "garbage pigs" and refine waste oil. We know that it is unsanitary and is not environmentally friendly, but there is no other way to deal with it. " Mr. Chen, the owner of the noodle shop, told reporters, “Now it’s fine. There is a special company to collect and transport these food waste resources and treat them in a harmless manner. We are actively responding to the implementation of waste classification.”


Food waste disposal is a difficult problem for urban management. If it is landfilled with ordinary garbage, it will cause soil and groundwater pollution; if it is used by criminals, it will become a source of "garbage pig" and waste oil. In 2020, Jinchang will introduce a PPP project for the comprehensive utilization of kitchen waste in urban areas, with a planned investment of 60.15 million yuan. The business scope includes the design, research and development and sales of kitchen environmental protection equipment, and the harmless treatment, collection, and resource utilization of kitchen waste. .


Bai Xiaodong returned to the garbage treatment plant with a truck full of kitchen waste at around 4 pm on that day. Three identical collection vehicles returned successively, and more than 24 tons of kitchen waste were transported back every day. After entering the plant, the garbage is automatically unloaded and enters a fully enclosed treatment system.


It is said that the food waste treatment system, from equipment to technology, is independently developed by Jiemu Environmental Protection Company. Zhang Wenli, person in charge of the company said: "we have signed 481 large, medium and small catering units in the city at present, accounting for 90% of the catering industry in the whole city. 600 special bins for garbage collection and transportation are distributed free of charge, which greatly reduces the burden of urban kitchen waste for landfill disposal. In the next step, our company will work to improve the level of harmless resource utilization of food waste in our city, and work with the government to solve the problem of urban management of food waste disposal. "


It is understood that the resource utilization of kitchen waste can transform organic waste into harmless substances such as organic fertilizer and high-quality protein, which will help to turn waste into treasure.



Jinchang Daily