Tian Jin: Focus on Solving the Systematic Problems and Promote the Nine Major Projects on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of the City


The nine projects of the natural disaster prevention and control in Tianjin is a systematic one which is multi-level and wide-ranging, involving a lot of fields, a large demand for funds and owe a lot of debts. During three years of implementation, the city, according to Tianjin municipal government's work plan, refines the plan and promote measures. Meanwhile, with coordinated resources and integrated forces, it works to crack many difficulties, including the implementation of responsibility, funding arrangements, project approval and so on. Now, the nine major projects have made periodical achievements.


According to the function changes after the administrative reform, the Disaster Reduction Office of Tianjin sorted out 37 relevant functions in the "Three Definite Plans" of 19 departments, referred to more than 40 documents of its government, and actively communicated with the Emergency Management Department and other provinces and cities. According to the municipal government documents, the nine major projects were divided into 41 key projects and 132 assessable and quantifiable sub-projects, and three promotion mechanisms including common promotion, special promotion and evaluation were established.


Various channels to raise funds to solve the problem of the shortage of funds. By the end of July 2021, Tianjin's local finance had arranged 25.76 billion yuan in total, of which 8.13 billion yuan was arranged at the municipal level and 17.63 billion yuan at the district level, with local financial input at all levels accounting for 92.36% of the total input of the nine projects.


The Disaster Reduction Office actively promoted various project lead departments to strengthen the business connection with the central counterpart ministries and commissions, take the initiative to apply for the central project to land in Tianjin, and strive for central financial support. In the past three years, it has obtained 2.13 billion yuan in central subsidy funds. In conjunction with finance and other departments, we have repeatedly studied in depth the policy space of local special debt and central special transfer funds for natural disaster prevention and control. At the same time, promote the implementation of PPP model in natural disaster prevention and control projects, and conduct exploratory practices in projects such as the construction of the sponge city of South Jiefang Road to attract the participation of social capital and expand the funding channels of the nine major projects.


Greatly simplify procedures of governance and solve the problem of project approval. The Rules for the Implementation of the Regulations of Tianjin Municipal Government on Investment Management have been issued. Under the Rules, the emergency construction projects for natural disaster prevention and control can directly enter the preliminary design application stage, thus reduce procedure such as researching on the feasibility verifying the budgetary estimate. By simplifying the approval procedures to the greatest extent, we can improve the approval efficiency. Guide pertinent departments to prioritize different events, and orderly include emergency projects with high potential risks and high public concern into the three-year rolling plan of municipal government investment projects. At the same time, all professional departments will actively promote the inclusion of projects with long implementation cycle and strong work continuity into the 14th Five-year Plan. 64 prevention and control projects in the city will be continuously implemented during the 14th Five-year Plan period. "Chaobai new river treatment project" (water affairs), "seismic observation GNSS upgrading and reconstruction" (earthquake) and "ecological civilization meteorological support service capacity construction" (meteorology) are all newly approved projects during the 14th Five Year Plan period.


By the end of July, 96.2% of the 132 sub-projects in the city had been completed and smoothly proceeded, and all other projects had been included in the 14th Five-year plan for further advancement . A three-dimensional seismic monitoring platform composed of 285 stations has been built, and the network density ranks first in the country; Implement the governance projects of Zhouhe River, Beijing Paishui River, Fuhe River, Huanxiangxin River and Jiyun Canal to improve their flood control capacity of the urban circle and avoid flooding even with little water"; A total of 7.93km of coastline has been repaired. It has improved the disaster reduction function of coastline and eliminated potential safety hazards, and the regional living environment by setting up platforms, space, stairs for sea sightseeing; Especially in the year of heavy rain and flood, the upgraded urban drainage infrastructure, underground comprehensive pipe gallery, sponge city construction and other projects continue to play a role in helping Tianjin firmly protect the red line of no major casualties, and providing a strong guarantee for the safety of people's lives and property.

Source:Bureau of Emergency Management of Tianjin