PPP Model Facilitates High-quality Development of Shaanxi Province


In recent years, the Shaanxi provincial finance department sticks to Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guideline, and has been comprehensively implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to Shaanxi Province, taking the high-quality development as the theme, to constantly improve the system, innovate ideas and strengthen management, and promote the steady and sustainable development of PPP in Shaanxi province of China.

Through open selection, an expert database for project database entry verification of Shaanxi Province has been set up. By releasing the selection notice to the public and conducting multi-dimensional investigation and screen the candidates, a group of experts with rich experience and high professional quality were selected to be included in the expert database. Methods such as random selection, nonparticipation of interest-related experts in review and assessment of experts are adopted to ensure that the review of projects in Shaanxi Province is open, fair and efficient, which gives full play to the professional advantages of experts in terms of industry demonstration, leading norms and policy think tanks, and promotes the standardized development of PPP projects.


Strictly carry out database entry review to ensure that high-quality projects are included in the database in time. Administration Measures of Database Entry and Verification Review of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects of Shaanxi Province is formulated, and a three-level review system is established that includes municipal preliminary review, central review and expert final review, to improve the quality of projects included in the Database. Up to now, 283 projects in Shaanxi Province have been included in the National PPP Integrated Information Platform Management Database, with a total investment of 430.136 billion yuan. The projects involve the areas of public service such as transportation, municipal engineering, ecological construction and environmental protection, which effectively improves the efficiency of government resource allocation and facilitates the development for market players.


At present, a number of projects concerning people’s livelihood of PPP model are gradually playing their positive role in bringing economic, social and ecological benefits. For example, the PPP project of Weibei efficient water-saving irrigation in Heyang, Weinan, is one of the critical projects implemented by Heyang County in recent years for the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin. It is of significance to implement the important instructions of “ecological protection and high quality development in the Yellow River Basin” put forward by General Secretary Xi, which will effectively solve water shortage for a county that is near water. At the same time, the standard of rural water supply has been raised to that of the urban, which has laid a solid foundation for meeting the people’s aspiration for a better life. The PPP project of comprehensive management of Changjian River Basin in Huayin City is a key livelihood project for water conservancy and ecological environment that aims at urban flood control, urban construction, and ecological landscape. It is a new highlight of tourism and leisure, business retail and sports fitness in the central urban area of Huayin. The completion of the project has effectively improved the regional river water environment, strengthened the water conservation capacity, improved the urban grade, formed an urban sustainable development ecological comprehensive area of “one river and two banks”. It has realized the vision of “smooth flood, solid dike, clear water, green bank and beautiful scenery”, which is of great significance for the integrated development of Huayin.


Strengthen the information management in the management database and protect the public’s right to know. Based on the national PPP integrated information platform, Shaanxi Procince will strengthen the dynamic management of the whole life cycle of the project, establish a regular inspection system, and urge relevant parties to submit project information in time; strictly standardize the review process for the change of core qualitative conditions of the project, promote the continuous and effective implementation of the project in accordance with laws and regulations; improve the quality of information disclosure of PPP projects, encourage honesty, trustworthiness and strict performance of all participants, and promote fair competition and standardized development of PPP market.  


Carry out project verification in a solid manner and standardize existing projects. Through information retrieval, centralized inquiry, on-site inspection, exchanges and seminars, check and review the projects that has entered the National PPP Integrated Information Platform Management Database one by one, form the instructions for rectification, which will under supervision. The financial departments at all levels in Shaanxi province are required to effectively fulfill their main responsibilities, strictly control the quality of projects, ensure that the projects in the database can be tested, and promote the steady and sound development of PPP projects in the Province.


In the next step, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance will fully implement the new development philosophy, thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on July 1st, 2021, as well as the important speech during his visit to Shaanxi, coordinate development and safety, and build a new pattern for the implementation of PPP projects in an orderly manner, continue to play the role of PPP in helping high-quality local economic development, creating high-quality lifestyle, and achieving high-efficiency governance. Efforts will be made from three aspects: first, focus on key areas and increase project reserves. Encourage and guide the precise investment of social capital in key areas such rural revitalization and ecological environmental protection in Shaanxi Province, put emphasis on the “new infrastructure, new urbanization initiatives and major projects”, support major central policies and development strategies, and accelerate the formation of a sustainable and sound development pattern that includes a batch of reserve projects, a batch of newly-developed projects, and a batch of implemented projects; second, strengthen review and approval with strict management measures, for better quality and efficiency. Further improve the evaluation criteria for project being included in the Database, refine the positive and negative lists of Shaanxi Province Database entry approval, continue to standardize the projects in the Database, and strengthen the management of project dynamic information; third, carry out targeted investigations at the project on site, fully understand the conditions of the province, city, and county, grasp the progress of the project, diagnose the problems occurring during project implementation, with right solution, continue to promote the high-quality development of the PPP model, and effectively play the active role of the PPP model in optimizing resource allocation, stimulating market vitality, and promoting the quality and efficiency of public services.


Source: Ministry of Finance of China