Fourth batch of PPP demonstration projects application launched by MOF and 19 departments


Note:English version for reference only,Chinese version shall prevail.

The State Council Information Office website www.scio.gov.cn   2017-07-27  Source: CEINET   

The Ministry of Finance and departments involved relevant industry jointly launched the fourth batch of PPP demonstration projects application on July 27, aiming at promoting the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in public services, strengthening demonstration and model promotion, and bringing more PPP projects into implementation, so as to enable PPP to play positive role in keeping growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, and benefiting people's livelihood.

  It is stated in the Notice on Application for the Fourth Batch of  PPP Demonstration Projects issued jointly by the MOF and other 19 departments that, it is focused in the application and selection on stimulating market vitality, encouraging advanced areas, highlighting the industrial breakthrough and driving effect; priority will be taken to the projects as private sectors involved, with good promotion effect of PPP in counties or cities that have been determined by the State Council, and those related to environmental protection, agriculture, water conservancy, consumer safety, intelligent city, tourism, culture, education, sports, pension and other happy industries; encourage the use of PPP mode to revitalize the stock of public service assets, to attract private sectors to participate in operations and improve the quality and efficiency of public service supply.

  The Notice provides that the application should meet the all the following conditions, otherwise not acceptable: The project is in the field of public services such as energy, transportation, municipal engineering, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, environmental protection, affordable housing, business infrastructure, pension, education, science and technology, culture, sports and tourism; the project must be included in the Project Database of National PPP Integrated Information Platform (http://www.cpppc.org); the newly built project or rebuilt-project must be included in the General Land Use Planning, urban master planning and other special plans, and has completed the preliminary work including selection, feasibility research, approval or filing, land supply scheme, and asset assessment for stock project involving the transfer of state-owned assets and equity; the project must have completed value for money evaluation and financial affordability assessment and must be at the procurement stage at least; the project must have a sound operational performance appraisal mechanism and operating cash flow, with user charges mainly for investment return; the project cooperation must be not less than 10 years, including construction period; the project must not be implemented in Building-Transfer (BT), nor promise to repurchase the investment principal of the private sector in any way, nor bear the investment principal loss of the private sector in any way, nor commit to the private sector the lowest earning; the project must be in line with the support direction and policy requirements of the industrial authorities.

  According to the provisions, projects are classified into two types as local projects of province and projects under direct leadership of the central ministries. The number of application should be no more than 60 in each province (or autonomous region or municipality), and no more than 5 in each industry. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and relevant ministries and commissions shall submit a written application and a project list on or before August 25, 2017, and shall complete the online application. Overdue application is unacceptable. Offline application and materials are not accepted.

  The selected demonstration projects will, if eligible, be supported by the policy of reward replace subsidy from the central finance for PPP projects. The projects that lose the conditions to continue in PPP mode, as well as those that violate national policies will be removed from the demonstration projects list.

  (Reported by Zeng Jinhua)