The Notice on announcement of the Fourth Batch of PPP Demonstration Projects


Finance departments (bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, and the Financial Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,


In accordance with The Notice on Organizing the Application and Screening of the Fourth Batch of PPP Demonstration Projects application (Cai Jin [2017] No.76), the declaration work of the fourth batch PPP demonstration has been jointly carried out by the Ministry of Finance and the relevant ministries and commissions, in a bid to further driving its influence and effect. The following is serving as your reference.

(1A total of 396 PPP demonstration projects, with the accumulated investment of more than RMB 758.8 billion, are selected out of 1226 projects under application. (See attachment the list of the Fourth batch)


(2)  Financial departments at all levels shall build and enhance guidance mechanism of information updating and follow-up for demonstration projects and supervise project implantation, through strengthening coordination and exchange with competent industrial authorities. To those projects that have not been contracted as of the issuing day of this Notice, they should perform standardized operation and keep updating project files required by the Circular on Regulating the Management database of the Government and the Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Integrated Information Platform (Cai Ban Jin [2017] No. 92). To those projects that have been successfully signed up, they shall further optimize the operation mechanism for their long-term stabilization. Given the fact that the central finance would provide financial support to those contracted projects, all financial departments concerned should be well-prepared for the reward-application and -declaration work, in accordance with the Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issuing the Measures for the Management of Special Funds for the Development of Inclusive Financial Services” (Cai Jin [2016] No.85).


(3) All financial departments shall deepen coordination and exchange with the industrial and commercial federations to boost the cooperation among demonstration projects, China’s government-business investment fund and private enterprises. The un-contracted projects shall give priority to the cooperation with private sector involved and this should be done in the spirit of open and fair. Those projects would be the first groups receiving financial support of central finance under the policy of reward replacing subsidy. They will also get promotion in forms of case study, experience-sharing and mode-publicity, which is to reinforce the role of demonstration projects in the course of attracting social capital.


(4)  Financial departments at all levels shall jointly strengthen supervision over the evaluation, procurement, financing, construction and operation of the demonstration projects with competent industrial authorities. All the projects should be included in the General Land Use Planning and annual planning and land-use in any project shall get authorized approval. It is forbidden to directly select land under specific project for land-supply and hand over land-use right to social capital contractors just based on the PPP projects agreements. Please note that the following projects would be removed from the demonstration project list. Projects that have any violation; Projects that fail to go through the approval procedures; Projects that have not successfully procured social capital as of December 2018; Projects that occur any infringement over project's capital and debt financing and projects that are under-achieved in the performance evaluations and those with no sound performance evaluation mechanism.


(5) All financial departments shall join hands with competent industrial authorities to work on information disclosure of demonstration projects and advisory service and stand ready to public’s supervision, according to the Notice on the Provisional Management of Information Disclosure of the PPP Integrated Information Platform (Cai Jin [2017] No. 1). The Ministry of Finance will release the application files and review experts list of the fourth batch demonstration projects. If the project information is not fully disclosed in a timely manner, or the implementation status of the project is inconsistent with the application materials, or there is any falsification in the submitted materials, or any malpractice of the review expert, which has interfered the project selecting, all the projects involved would be removed from the demonstration projects list and all the parties concerned including consulting institution and review expert shall be written off from the expert database.