The Huhan East Lake Greenway Phase II Project


Overview of PPP project

The Huhan East Lake Greenway Phase II Project is a newly-built PPP project, in the sector of municipal engineering, which is at the stage of implementation currently, with Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Gardening and Forestry as the implementing agency.


The bid winner is a consortium of China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Flower & Wood Company and Huilv Landscape Co., LTD. The project includes the construction of four landscape greenways: Huze Avenue, Huding Avenue, Hulin Avenue and Senlin Avenue; construction of 11 landscape nodes of Baima island, Yejiawan, Wanguo Park, Houhu east, Huamu City, south gate of forest park, Shanhoubi village, south bank of Yujia Lake, Qiaoliang Village, horticulture field of east lake, and Bayi road; construction of 9 stations and 2 parking lots.